Solaris 3rd Anniversary Event - Solaris Beer & Blending

Solaris 3rd Anniversary Event

Join us March 3rd as we celebrate our 3rd trip around the sun here at Solaris Beer & Blending.

New Beers:

Burst and Bloom - West Coast IPA w/ North Park Beer Co.
Days of Grass - Hazy Double IPA w/ Fidens
Glass Mountain - Grodziskie w/ Brujos
Eternal Space - New Zealand Pilsner w/ Shred
False Idol - Tiki inspired Sour Ale w/ Everywhere
Oh Earth! Oh Sun! - Helles Lager w/ Highland Park
Batmen - West Coast Double IPA w/ 8 Local Breweries
What Is To Come - Barrel-aged Stout & Rye Wine Blend w/ Horus & Beer Zombies
Mind At Large - Barrel-aged Stout with Candied Pecans & Vanilla

Live Music:

Indica Roots
Doll Riot
DMV Punchathon

DJ Sets:

Joel Gomez
Solaris Radio
Chris Reina

March 23rd, 2024
11 AM - 11 PM
Free Admission 

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